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About Boyd's



 To find the Boyd's history go to  .   Here is just a small part of it:

The founder of Boyd's

Boyds' founder, chairman emeritus, and "Head Bean"-- the son of a German Immigrant--was born in New York City in 1949. He attended Alfred University in upstate New York to earn his B.S. (how appropriate) and an M.S. in Biology. Being a self-described "true Child of the Sixties," G.M. then joined the U.S. Peace Corps and "split" for the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, where he did his part for World Peace. Then, for reasons still unknown (Masochism?), he returned to New York to embark upon a seven-year career at that Mecca of Merchandising...Bloomingdale's. At "Bloomies," G.M. worked in purchasing, designing, and merchandising, which exposed him to some of the fashion industry's top Clothing Designers...and also allowed him to take his next Bold Step. Instead of continuing his successful Bloomies career, in 1979, G.M. moved to rural Boyds, Maryland, near Washington, D.C., to open an antiques shop...the beginning of The Boyds Collection Ltd.®

The Boyds Collection Ltd.®began as an antiques shop in the home of G.M. Lowenthal and his partner (now wife), Justina Unger. Their love of antiques outweighed their ability to purchase many of the rare items, so the team shifted its focus. Instead of the "true antiques," G.M. and Tina began to seek out and sell "Antique Reproductions," with the look and feel of true antiques at more affordable prices. This retail venture proved to be so successful that by 1982 they began to wholesale some of these top-selling antique reproductions to other stores.

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Also, they have a museum and restaurant as well.  Don't miss this site!