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Donna's Boyd Bear Page


This home page is for my FrontPage class. I chose to do this assignment on my collection of Boyd's Bears. I am keeping my site simple to hopefully save my classmates some time (as they have to review it for me) and to make sure everything can be viewed. . 

I started collecting Boyd bears about ten years ago. I have no idea how many I have. I really should make a list but I just have not gotten around to it. My mom also started collecting a few years ago and she now has more then I do. 

Boyd's are great bears that all have different faces and personalities to go with their names. Some come in full costumes or just little hats. They also come with just bows. They rang in size from very big ones to very little ones. This is Clem Cladiddlebear sitting on my sofa: (he is my largest one)

These two my husband surprised me with on our anniversary: Mr. & Mrs. Everlove

These two remind me of my daughters when they where little:


This is my newest one, my mother bought her for me because her name is: Donna Scarvesdale

These two are also favorites of mine: Hunter Bearsdale w/Greenspan and Hemingway K.Grizzman


I keep my bears here :




And look here are more hiding over there!

I hope you enjoyed my little hobby.